Inventory Management

Just In Time Inventory

A Just in Time (JIT) inventory management system provides significant cost saving while maintaining full availability of products and materials needed for production. Our Shamrock JIT management process reduces your costs associated with carrying large volumes of inventory at any given point, both during production and downtime.

  • Custom stocking to meet your needs
  • Flexible delivery options reduce need for safety stock

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a systematic process between Shamrock and your manufacturing facility. Shamrock follows industry best practices to oversee and manage your inventory controls. It’s an efficient method to streamline management of inventory that positively affects your bottom line.

  • Reduces internal resources
  • Lowers overall inventory costs

Electronic Data Interchange

Shamrock’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) makes the transfer of critical business documents more efficient. Purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices can all be handled quickly and more economically with EDI.

  • Faster order delivery
  • More efficient tracking
  • Improved receiving process