Perfect Measurements for Perfect Parts


Ordering parts from Shamrock is a simple process for customers. Place the order; get the specific components you need.

But, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Shamrock to make sure the parts you receive meet our high quality standards.

Introducing the new Keyence IM 6225

Shamrock recently added a Keyence IM 6225 Image Dimension Measurement System to our quality control lab. The Keyence quickly takes hundreds of optical measurements of parts placed on its measurement stage, and can do it in seven seconds. Multiple parts can even be inspected at the same time.

Shamrock has always pulled AQL (acceptable quality levels) sample sizes to test for 100% dimensional conformance. The previous process involved individual measurements and required much more time to complete.

Now, with the Keyence equipment, Shamrock increases accuracy of measurements while decreasing shipping lead time.

If the Keyence equipment indicates measurements out of specification, the part or batch is rejected and Shamrock is able to quickly provide an accurate and detailed report to suppliers.

The investment in the Keyence measurement system is part of Shamrock’s commitment to providing quick delivery of high quality components.

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