Perfect Measurements for Perfect Parts

Ordering parts from Shamrock is a simple process for customers. Place the order; get the specific components you need. But, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Shamrock to make sure the parts you receive meet our high quality standards. Introducing the new Keyence IM 6225 Shamrock recently added a Keyence IM […]

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Shamrock joins the NFDA

We’re always looking for ways to learn more about the fastener industry and ways to serve our customers better. Shamrock  is now a member of the National Fastener Distributors Association (NFDA). Looking forward to taking advantage of NFDA’s training and opportunities to connect with others in our industry.

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The learning process never ends

Four members of the Shamrock team recently attended “A Hands on Introduction to Fasteners” sponsored by the Mid-West Fastener Association (MWFA). The daylong course covered how fasteners are made, what materials are used and why, torque and tensile strength and much more. Much of the course was a refresher for the Shamrock employees. But each […]

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Staying educated for better customer service

Mid-West Fastener Association

There’s always a lot going on in the fastener industry…new products, evolving manufacturing techniques, cutting-edge materials. It’s important for Shamrock to stay on top of advancements to make sure we’re sourcing the best solutions for our customers. That’s why Shamrock recently joined the Mid-West Fastener Association (MWFA). The main goal of the MWFA is to […]

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