Perfect Measurements for Perfect Parts

Ordering parts from Shamrock is a simple process for customers. Place the order; get the specific components you need. But, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Shamrock to make sure the parts you receive meet our high quality standards. Introducing the new Keyence IM 6225 Shamrock recently added a Keyence IM […]

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Environmental Testing: Putting components to the test before they go to work

Part One: Salt Spray Chamber For Chris DiLullo, Shamrock’s director of quality and continuous improvement, working in his office is almost like a day at the beach. There’s no crashing ocean waves or sand between his toes, but he does have a great view of the salt spray chamber that’s at work 24/7 bombarding batches […]

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New 3D Printer, New Prototyping Capabilities

  The wraps are off and Shamrock’s new Fortus 250mc 3D printer is installed and at work. The new printer boosts Shamrock’s service levels for clients in two ways: Prototypes – Shamrock can model an assembly in SolidWorks and export the file to the 3D printer. It’s a quick, efficient way for our clients to […]

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